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Privacy & Safety

According to Swedish law, we are required to ask for your approval when handling your personal data. All personal information provided, either directly or through our site, will be handled by The house of Revolverhotel .

The information will be used to enable us to fulfill our business responsibilities to you and in marketing purposes and making sure you get the best service possible. The house of Revolverhotel  will not forward your personal data to a third party in marketing purposes unless you agree to it. If the personal data is incorrect or irrelevant you have the right to request a correction or deletion. The house of Revolverhotel Webshop makes the reservation to delay any order if we suspect a further security control is needed.


Force of Majeure

If The house of Revolverhotel Webshop fails to comply with the agreement because of unusual or adverse circumstances outside of its control, such as strikes, civil unrest, war or natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, volcanic action and other similar matters, then The house of Revolverhotel  Webshop cannot be held responsible.

Payment options

Payments can be made through PayEx (No fee is charged for card payments) or Paypal

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